10 Reason why to visit Sri Lanka

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Holidays in Sri Lanka has so far been one of mine favorite vacation I’ve ever experienced. Here are some reasons why you should visit Sri Lanka as your next holiday destination

1. Sri Lanka has a beautiful nature

When I think about Sri Lanka respospectively, can  remember for it’s Incredibly beautiful nature. So much greenery together I have never seen anywhere in my entire life. The scenary while traveling by bus or train is just amazing, I was fascinated with beauty around.

2. Elephant and other animals

Elephants are absolutely amazing creatures and looking at them, I had to smile all the time. You can visit Ephant farms or go to safari.We visited Minneriya national park, where we had a chance to see houndreds of elephants. And it was really cool! In addition in Sri Lanka, monkeys are also everywhere.


3. Wonderful beaches

On the beach in Sri Lanka I felt like in a scene from a romantic movie. Sri Lanka is a perfect place where you can also relax , enjoy the warm ocean, or even swim with turtles. By the way, you can find turtles in Hikkaduwa beach. They are coming there every day, people are feeding them, so they are used to it. Most of the time they coming afternonn after 4 o clock. Nothing is better than take a nice walk on the long beach, with fine sand, later on stop and have a nice drink and food. Everything on the beach with life music … and the sound of the ocean.


4. Mountains

Sri Lanka has an incredibly beautiful mountains as well. In Sri Lanka there are several peaks and hills and you can try to hike one of them. You can easly have a chance to view from high up the beautiful scenary around, breathe fresh air, and see amazing tea plantations around.


One of the reason also why i recommend Sri Lanka and also one of the reason  why I would return to Sri Lanka is the Food. I still think it’s one of theasons to visit Sri Lanka as it completes the meal is still a Certain atmosphere in the country. If you are visiting Sri Lanka you shoud try the typical delicacy Sri Bygone Rice & Curry. Not to mention the amazing fruits, bananas, pineapples are so sweet like nowhere else.



Sri Lanka in general is quite cheap for Europeans. Traveling with train is super cheap, costs only couple of cents .  Accommodation as well, you can find there really a budget accommodation, however near the ocean in Hikkaduwa for example if you want to have a nice stay, can cost up to 50 EUR per night(but with halfboard).  Only pricey things are the entrance fees of landmarks. For example the entrance to Sigyrija is around 30 EUR.

7. Big Buddha

Big Buddha Statue are everywhere as well. Big or small, standing or lying Buddha temporarily not matter, you can find hundres of them in Dambulla, or near Galle. It’s a great experience and certainly one of the more interesting Sri Lankan attractions.


8. The ability to communicate

Not sure if it is because of the Brithish former colony, or simply adapting to tourism, but everybody can speak. And I do not mean that just about all employees in the hotel or restaurant, who are accustomed with tourists. With everybody we spoke English, in bus station , people in street, small local shops, and locals who we asked for information. Really everywhere, they are learning english at school. Even small kids we met us on the street totally cool explained any direction that we needed.

9. EXPERIENCE another culture

One of the main reasons why we recommend visiting Sri Lanka is a different culture and totally different people behaving. When I realized what an easy way of life these people lead and how happy and humble they are i was amazed. It is good to see and experience how other live on the other side of the world and not live all the time only in the bubble.

10. Travelling is simply good

the last reason of mine why you should visit Sri Lanka ones is simply because travelling is good. Can help you see the world in different eyes, in different perspective. After coming back home you will be filled up with positive energy and probalby new meaning of life.

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