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10 reasons why you should visit Singapore

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 10 reasons why visit singapore

Why you should include Singapore to your Bucketlist

Singapore is designated as a  city of the future. With amazing  modern architecture, clear streets, friendly people, excellent shopping everybody will be amazed with this vibrant country. Here are some great points, why…

City guard Merlion – a strange statue of a lion’s head and tail of a mermaid. Famous hybrid, according to legend emerged from the ocean to save the city before a tropical storm. Definitely something you must see ones.

At Raffles (In 1819, he landed near the small fishing village of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, an official of the English East India Company. Over time, it bought a few decades, the village has become one of the most important crossroads between East and West.) In the stylish Grandhotel  you have to try the Sling coctail, why is very famous. Another things to do 🙂

rafel hotel coctail singapore

In the colonial district you can discover the Houses of Parliament in 1827 and Christian neo-gothic Cathedral of the Good Shepherd. Trully impressive

Marina Bay Sands
One of the most luxurious hotels in the world. The complex comprises three high-rise buildings linked by a huge roof with pool for 55 floors. Swimming in the most luxury pool in the world can be a great memory and experience as well and a great post on your Instagram account 🙂10 reason

In the Sri Mariamman Hindu temple in Little India district you can attend a ceremony in honor of Ganesha, the god with an elephant head. The streets here are hovering unmistakable scent of curry that spices are sold to other merchants in turbans and women in colorful saris wears a basket of fruit. If you interested in the future at a small table you will find the most astrologers per square meter.

The most typical feature of today’s Singapore are  miracles of modern architecture. Glazed skyscrapers from a distance resembling LEGO bricks, Metro which is never delay, beautiful  gardens everywhere, clean streets without beggars. All  that you can find in Singapore

gardens singapore

Changi Airport is a mixture of childish joy and top technology. Inside the airport waiting for you a lot of attractions that do not give you a chance to feel bored. Directly at the airport you will find a large shopping center, full of boutiques and electronics. You can also use a couple of screens where you enter absolutely free. For nature lovers waiting Butterfly Garden. Art lovers will surely appreciate the sculptures created from 1216 bronze drops. In Terminal 2, there is an area specifically designed for digital entertainment.

changi airport

Chinese culture in Singapore perhaps the most noted. In addition to many Taoist and Buddhist temples, you will find also a Chinese garden Yu Hwa Yuan with pagodas and bonsai.

Singapore is one of the safest tourist destinations for solo travelers, for families , for everybody 🙂 And in additon the people are super friendly and helpful 🙂


For vandalism it may be granted even physical punishment. The death penalty is punishable by drug trafficking. Customs regulations do not permit the importation of erotic goods, meat products, cigarettes and weapons.

Littering, cigarette  and chewing gum on the street, crossing a road at a red light or outside the crosswalk, all are forbidden

The Singapore  tougher laws are designed to ensure some rules and guidelines for people, how to behave. So are you in? 🙂

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