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10 strangest laws in the world

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10 strangest laws in the world

Different countries, different rules

Ban on chewing gum, feeding birds, spitting and non flushing public toilets
This laws are explained purely because of aesthetic reasons. No one is pleasant to walk along the paths that are full of chewing gum taking off, bird droppings and no one is also very pleasant to use non flushed toilet. The so-called “No chewing gum Act” was introduced in Singapore in 2004. The single and only permit chewing gum is Nicorette chewing gum, which is used for smoking cessation. In Singapore, they can be only prescribed by a doctor, and doctors should record the names of patients who are using this special gums.

singapore laws

Prohibited driving cars without shirtless
For someone it can be very tempting to drive motorbike or car on a hot Thai climate without shirtless. If you are thinking about it, you have to be very careful because in Thailand you can be fined for it.

Kissing ban on train platforms
Romance on the French train platforms was destroyed in 1910, local people say. Since then, the kissing is forbidden. This law would have prevented the train delays and as for its non-compliance can not be fined, you can just politely ask to leave the platform.
United Arab Emirates
Prohibition of eating in public during Ramadan
If you plan to travel to the United Arab Emirates during Ramadan, be careful. Eating in public during the day can cost you more than you might expect. For violation of this law you can end up in prison as well as two British tourists who had violated this rule and have been for three weeks trapped. Other tourists again had to pay a fine for drinking juice in public.

Prohibition of driving dirty cars
In Moscow you have to be careful what kind of dirty car you are driving. However, the problem may be that the relevant Russian law precisely defines how dirty the car is really dirty. Therefore pay attention to the cleanliness of your car, otherwise you may face a fine.

Ban on paying large quantity of small coins
Canadian law on behalf of 1985 established guidelines on how many coins should be used. Nobody, however define how much is a reasonable amount of coins used for payment. Not fixed any fine that would penalize the payment of large amounts of coins. Salesman at the store but has the right not to sell goods to a customer who wishes to pay with a large number of coins.

no coins in canada

Ban feeding pigeons
Venice’s banned feeding pigeons. This law introduced because the pigeon droppings demage local buildings. Unless you are caught feeding pigeons on St. Peter’s Square. Mark you may face fines up to € 50. The fine can be up to 400 EUR.

No stopping and walking on the highway
If you out of petrol in highways in  Germany it might be a problem because  it’s basically illegal. Other problems can occur if you decide to leave your car. So if you stop on the highway, because you’re out of petrol, police have right to  charge you a fine of up to € 70. In case you leave your car the fine can be the same 70 EUR. So be aware

Walking in bikini Ban
On this Caribbean island there is a really interesting law. Unless you are lying on the beach, everything is fine. You must be careful, however, in that case, if you choose to browse around, for example, along the coast. Scroll through the swimsuit because there’s only allowed on the beaches, otherwise you may be fined up to $ 270.

Denmark, Czech Republic
No driving car with lights off
If you driving in the Czech Republic or Denmark, you always have the lights on, regardless of what the weather is sunny. This law is compared to neighboring states unusual, but it is again so senseless. Research shows that illuminated cars are more visible and thus significantly reduces the risk of accidents.

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