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25 intersteting facts about Singapore

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facts about singapore

Facts about  famous people from Singapore

1. Ang Peng Siong was the best swimmer in the world on the track 50 meters. This title he received in 1982.

2. Singapore in its history won only two Olympic medals. The first silver received weightlifter Tan Howe Liang during the Olympic Games in Rome in 1960. Another silver women’s table tennis team won in 2008 in Beijing.

3. The famous violinist and pop singer Vanessa Mae was born in Singapore. She moved to England with his parents when she was four years old.

Facts about Singapore

4. Mobile phones and other mobile devices plays in Singapore extremely important role. Mobile operators are issued each month up to 50,000 new sim cards.

5. Despite of its size of Singapore can boast up to three thousand kilometers of paved roads.

6. The most common Chinese surnames in Singapore are Tan, Lim and Lee.

7. Singapore currently has around 5.4 million inhabitants. More than 90 percent of Singaporeans live in apartments owned by the state. Private ownership of housing in Singapore is extremely expensive.

8. The most Singaporeans has birthday in October.

9. The first census took in place back to 1824. Based on this, if on the Island there were only slightly more than 10,000 people.

10. Singapore is among the 20 smallest countries in the world.

11. Great Singapore ducks race is a spectacular event that takes place every year. The main motive is collected money for charities. On this race is annually attended by more than 100,000 ducks.

singapore duck race

12. Singapore also holds one of the dance world record. More specifically in the number of people dancing in a row. In 2002 in Singapore were dancing more than 11000 people.

13. Singapore is the holder of the record of the longest domino made of people. It was a great work of 9234 students who’s organized this event. This domino measured nearly five kilometers.

14. Singapore Changi Airport is undoubtabe the best airport in the entire world. In the past, the airport managed to get the best airports in the world award 16 years in a row.

15. In Singapore, you will find the largest fountain of the world. More specifically, in Suntec City. It is made mostly of bronze, and its construction costed around $10 million.

16. Singapore can also boast with he the highest man-made waterfall. It measures 30 meters and is located in Jurong BirdPark.

singapore waterfalls

17. The highest point reaches an altitude of only 164 meters. If you want to visit this highest point, you need to go to Bukit Tim ah Hill.

18. The Bukit Tim ah nature reserve you will find more species of trees than the entire North American continent. Wauuu

19. In fact, Singapore is the world’s largest exporter of ornamental fishes. And this despite the fact that the whole island is held.

20. Funny thing in Singapore, you can go to the zoo at night. This is the first zoo of its kind in the world. You can visit any time the famous Singapore Night Safari.

singapore nigh safari

21. National anthem of Singapore’s is in Malay language. And this despite the fact that the main and official language of this country is English, most of the residents are Chinese and Indians. On the banknote there is written the Singapore anthem, funny isn’t it? The Singaporean anthem called Majulah Singapore.

22. The symbol of Singapore is the Merlion. It is a fish with a lion’s head. This strange creature, water-breathing, can also be found in the town itself. According to legend, this animal is spotted prince of Sumatra.

23. Singapore has joined the United Nations on 21th. Of September 1965. As a member of 117.

24. After Monaco, Singapore is the second most densely populous countries of the world. On average there on one square kilometers lives nearly 7,000 people.

25. Singapore consists of one large and the another 63 small islands. The vast majority of these islands are not inhabited.

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