sin national park

Natianal Parks in Sri Lanka

The best and most visited National Parks in Sri Lanka All National Parks are charged, non of them is for free. The entrance admission to National Parks in Sri Lanka are not really only symbolic.
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Top places to visit in Sri Lanka

Top things to see and do  in Sri Lanka Batadombalena archaeological site is located 85 km from Colombo. It consists of several caves that have great historical significance. Archaeological excavations have revealed the skeletal remains
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13 Stunning beaches in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, amazing island located south from India, boasts almost 1,600 kilometers of sandy beaches, which attracts tourists from around the world ages. I was lucky enought and had a chance to visit this island
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kings of thomb cyprus

Cyprus guide

  Cypurs the island of cats Diverse natural environment of Cyprus offers countless of possibilities for an active holiday. At sea, you can choose from a wide range of water sports from jet skis, windsurfing
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Facts About

Facts about Japan

Interesting facts about Japan you might never heard before Japan is made up of more than 6800 islands. The unemployment rate in Japan is among the lowest in the world, in long term. The country
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Tokyo guide

What to do in amazing Tokyo in 3 days To really enjoy Tokyo I would recommend to stay at least 3-4 days. Tokyo is really huge city, there's a lot to see and try to
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