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Food In Thailand (1)

Weekend in Bangkok, what to do and where to go

The capital of Thailand also called the “city of angels.” The 10-million city has many contrasts: street marketplaces, modern hotels and business centers, luxury shopping streets and international companies noisy and crowded streets and canals along which sails wooden boats.
The biggest attraction is the Grand Palace, the Royal Palace, a complex of buildings and temples in the center of Bangkok. It includes Wat Phra Kaeo – Emerald Buddha Temple. In the neighborhood of the Royal Palace is another Buddhist temple Wat Po. Statue of Reclining Buddha is the second largest in the world – the length measured 46 meters, 15 meters in height. In Bangkok, there is more than enough to see and do, for those who loves history, as well as those whants to admire the natural beauty of Thailand.

traffic jam in bangkok

An unforgettable experience is a private cruise along Bangkok’s canals by boat with a long tail. Independent sailors and their barkers in the center of town near the river always enough price for 1-2 hour ride ranges from 600 to 1,500 THB per ship if you can bargain good enough. River cruise “bus” for the Chao Phraya River is a popular and affordable very cheap. Dock are relatively thick and can take them at any time. The ticket costs about 20 THB. Not all lines stop at all stations, but everywhere it is clearly displayed and it depend on you where you want to go off. For a ride worth shipping channel along Saen Saep, perhaps from Thanon Witthaya to Wat Saket (Golden Mount). The ticket is about 15 THB.



Unadulterated taste of the Orient full blast, you can soak in Chinatown. Intricate forest stands and shops, smell of orient as the unique aroma of incense everywhere. You will surely find magical sundries  every time you look around. Chinetown is  always lively and is a real bustling maze of streets with lots of street vendors, where you will feel like in totally different place. If you have time worth to visit.

china town

Floating market in Taling Chan

From the city center it’s probably a little more than one hundred kilometers about three hours ride. Market opens every day at 11 in the morning till afternoon. The market town known for its spices, aromatic oils and flowers. You can also choose from a variety of gifts in the form of hand-made souvenirs.An authentic glimpse at what life used to be in the past in Thailand offer traditional floating market in Taling Chan. Enjoy the unique atmosphere and floating markets,narrow boats which are everywhere. Certainly do not miss to have a lunch there and take any of the seafood prepared at one of the local boats as it once did residents of Bangkok once. Experience the atmosphere of the floating market is one of the BEST attraction in Thailand.

floating market

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Did you want to go shopping? Everything from “branded” clothing, through to exotic foods to cheap electronics? The address is known, Chatuchak Weekend Market, which is among the largest in the world – has an area of 27 ares and is divided into 27 sections. It plays all the colors and is always full. But rather to obtain a plan for you to lose between 15 thousand vendors. Be prepared, the market is huge, so wear a confortable shoes, you will need to walk a lot. chatuchak bangkok

Ayutthaya Thailand
Once you are in Ayutthaya, hurry up. There’s so much you have to see. The most famous temple is Wat Mahatat, where you will see the famous Buddha head overgrown with roots in the fig tree. The temples are very charming and if you have time, stay there at least half day.  Ayutthaya was founded in the fourteenth century and to his sacking by the Burmese in 1767 was the capital of the Siamese empire. Around the city and its surroundings are spread more or less reconstructed sights on this glorious era. You can go from one temple to an other whole day long, all of them are nice and unique. Some has free entrance. Some temples are a bit far away from each other, so i suggest to hire a tuk tuk with  driver for couple of hours, try to bargain the price.

ayutthaya ayutthaya 4 ayutthaya 3 ayutthaya 2

Relax in the shade of Lumpini Park

For thoose who wants to relax in Bangkok and laying in  grass with eyes closed, there are several rest areas. Perhaps the most beautiful, hidden in a busy part of the city is green Lumpini Park. Walking, biking, boating, exercise tai chi and aerobics are only a small part of what the park has to offer.

lumini park

Tuk tuk in Bangkok

Daily traffic jams are never-ending stories of the city of Bangkok. Anytime of the day you want to go somewhere, the road will be most probably overcrowded. There is no wonder why, Bangkok is a huge city , which never sleeps like New York. A typical transportation and one of the biggest attraction in Bangkok are definitely tuk-tuk. These noisy three-wheeled buggies, bring passengers comfortably anywhere. Try at least once and ride Bangkok streets with the warm wind in your hair will be for sure a nice memory. Trully amazing experience, first time was a bit scary but worth.

tuk tuk

And for those who love shopping  Bangkok is again the perfect place to come anytime. In central Bangkok are huge shopping centers such as Siam Paragon, where you will also find the huge marine aquarium, Siam Centre, Emporium and Central Chidlom, they surely will please any lover of designer clothes. Great shops, foods everywhere, it is an excellent place where to hide from the heat 🙂

bankok shoppingsiam center bangkok siam center

Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha)
This temple is the oldest temple was established in the 16th century. In this area you can admire the famous gilded statue of the reclining Buddha. This statue is 46 m long and 15 m high and is decorated with gold and mother of pearl. Besides this statue there is also a number of other portraits of Buddha. Originally it housed the educational institution of traditional Thai medicine is therefore the place where they had been traditional Thai massage. Even today you can towards experiencing such a massage and learn about their secrets.

what pobuddha what poo
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