What you need to explore when travelling in Tuscany

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Top 5 places in Tuscany what you shoud not miss out

Fairyland dotted with vineyards, olive groves, with wine glass in hand idleness “dolce far niente”. This is Tuscany countryside- the right place to relax your body but also the soul.


This beautiful historic city, lined with restaurants and cafes, and an interesting fountain of joy and palace with a huge tower Mania Tower. Siena is known as one of the most beautiful medieval towns of Italy. It is decorated with typical stone streets in the historic center, the magnificent cathedral and strength. The most famous place in Siena is square Pizza del Campo. This square is unique not only for its architecture but also by being here every year with the traditional Palio horse race. Riders from various places are attending every year. Worth to visit is also Cathedral Siena, dell’Osservanza Basilica, the church of San Domenico and the castle Belcar.


How to get to Sienna? The easiest way to take a bus from Florence, for more info visit


San Gimignano

Beautiful Medieval historic stone town San Gimignano has a nickname Manhattan. Thanks to the numerous of towers which are proudly rises above the Tuscan hills with vineyards and olives groves reminds American skyscrapers’ metropolis. Once an important center of trade and cultivation of saffron today attracts tourists because of his unusual architecture, and best ice cream in the world. In the square you can taste ice cream Gelateria Dondoli, which is right at the entrance boasts with winning titles from the seasons 2006/2007 and 2008/2009. The town of San Gimignano, offers a view of the beautiful stone buildings and many shops with souvenirs and local specialties. If you want to find out where are to find other great gelaterias in Italy check out our post here

San Gimignano
Gelateria Dondoli

Chianti – Wine Region in Tuscany

Tuscany undoubtedly one of the best gastronomic destination. Great meals such a pasta, seafood, basil, olive oil, prosciutto, Parmesan cheese, ice cream, cake and red wine. The famous Chianti region is dotted with vineyards and wine bars where you can sample taste great local wines, or admire the beautiful scenery of green hills and captivating medieval villages. If you would like to taste the best Italian wines, I suggest you to take Chianti wine tour. For more info visit



If you want to escape a bustle of Florence, Anchiano village is a great tip where to go while you are in Florence. It is the place where Leonardo da Vinci was born years ago. The proof is a house in which there are several of Leonardo’s belongings. For sure the magical landscape inspired Leonardo, since it is reproduced in the background of some of his most famous paintings. For about 11 EUR, you can visit the museum with a lot of his inventions and works. In addition to painting and sculpture Leonardo he is also engaged in architecture. The quantity of scraps relates to complete the construction of cathedrals. Da Vince’s inventions was even attributed to devices that resemble a submarine or a calculator. For more info about admission fee visit here 

anchiano Leonardo da Vinci


The heart of Tuscany, cradle of the European Renaissance, the city of artists like Michelangelo, Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci and poets Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio. The seat of the world-famous museums and beautiful monuments, but also the old traditions and gourmet specialties. Below these attributes throughout the world famous Florence, one of the most important cultural centers of Italy. Only a few cities has to offer so many architectural treasures, cultural monuments and works of art as Florence. The historic town while form one whole, whose harmony or disrupt the flow of time. If you are tired, and want to escape the overcrowded center, just visit Giardino della Rose, the garden, where are the beautiful flowers are blooming during spring. There is a nice view around to the city. Perfectplacet which has relaxed atmosphere.

florence pizza

Florence map

florence map


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