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Ona day trip from Skopje (7)

Weekend getaway in Brussels

Brussels is not only the capital of Belgium, but the whole Europe, because it is the seat of the European Commission and we can say that the European Union. Brussels, however, is mainly a place where we can admire the beautiful architecture, great museums, excellent cuisine and welcoming population. If you are in the city, here are some great tips what to do in Brussels  during 48 hours.
Atomium or 9 most famous balls

Atomium, the symbol of Brussels, a unique track of history and the most popular attractions of the city. CNN  declared Atomium the most bizarre construction of Europe. The complex is located some distance from the center, but if you are interested you can reach it quite comfortably by tram.

Atomium Brussels

Palais Royal (Royal Palace) Brussels

It ranks among the key attractions of Brussels. Royal Palace stands in the middle of town. In the palace there is a grand space of the royal family. Front of the palace is very nice Brussels Park (Parc de Bruxelles), which was formed in the 70s of the 19th century. Straight tree avenues and a central fountain.
royal palace brussels

Parlamentarium Brussels

For a while, you can  be a part of European policy. Perhaps it has never been your dream, but in any case you want to explore it inside can be an interesting experience. Take an interactive journey between Member States, see the video wall with reference to members of Parliament simply experience something new and original. 🙂

parlamentarium brussel

Grand Place

Grote Markt in Dutch, is the historical heart of Brussels. Grote Markt (Grand Place) is without doubt one of the most beautiful square of the world. Space that surrounds the 34 old  buildings (the most beautiful is said to Maison de Roi / Broodhuis) that blend elegance and seriousness of past times. The largest of these is the City Hall (Hotel de Ville) from the 15th century with 96 meters high tower, whose top is decorated with a statue of St. Michael – the patron  of the city. Despite the fact that every other house together and give this place unique magic. Every even year in August, you can admire the floral carpet on which is the most beautiful view from the top of the Town Hall tower. In 1998, the square has been added the UNESCO World Heritage List.

grand palace brusselBrussels
Brussels Brussels
Manneken Pis

This tiny little man, called Manneken Pis is located less than 250 meters from the Grand Place on the corner of Rue de l’Etude / Stoofstraat and Rue des Grands Carmes / Lievevrouwbroersstraat.The Manneken Pis is linked  to many legends. The most famous is the legend of Duke Godfried II. of Brabant. Duke when he was two years his troops waged war against Berthoutsu. They put the boy to basket and hung on a tree to supply soldiers courage. The boy reportedly wet himself and dip the enemy armies which eventually lost the war.

Manneken pis Brussels

Belgium Waffles

Brussels waffles are also very famous, and while you are visiting the city try at least ones. I prefer  with maple syrup and roasted peanuts sametimes with hot chocolate. Simply heaven in your mouths.

brussel waffle

Belgium chocolate

To Belgian chocolate give a unique flavor cocoa beans from Congo. Statistics say that every year people in Belgium consumes 9.77 kg of chocolate. Brands such as Godiva, Leonidas or Nuehaus are famous worldwide. Around the old city there are many small shops  where you can buy home as a present.

PASSAGE OF ST. HUBERT /  If you go from the square to the other side, you come across a tangle of streets with dozens of restaurants specializing in seafood delicacies on offer. In this part of town it is situated, now one and a half century old shopping arcade Galerie St. Hubert (Saint-Hubert).Gallery ST. HUBER. Brussels is the first city in Europe with available roofed shopping passage. It is about 200 m long, and has been built in 1846. In fact includes three passages which include the gallery du Roi, e.g. Royal Arcade, Valerie de la Reine, ie Queen’s passage and the third is the Valerie des Princes, Prince’s passage.


Cinquantenaire Museum and park

Have a walk around Cinquantenaire park, and see the triumphal arch which is stands in the Cinquantenaire Park since. 1904. Its purpose is to remind the formation of the Belgian State. After  you can go to Cinquantenaire Museuem, which contains over 350,000 artifacts from both European and non-European civilizations, up from prehistory to the present. Next is a museum of weapons Musée Royal de l’Armée et Militaire d’Histoire and also near Autoworld Museum, where we find a collection of old cars in the number of 400 pieces. There lies a vast park with winning the Arc du Cinquantenaire.


Cinquantenaire Museum and park Cinquantenaire Museum BrusselsCinquantenaire Museum Brussels
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