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Cypurs the island of cats

Diverse natural environment of Cyprus offers countless of possibilities for an active holiday. At sea, you can choose from a wide range of water sports from jet skis, windsurfing to sailing. Mountain will satisfy your skiing, hiking or climbing appetites. In addition to the hot sandy beaches and crystal clear Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is also sought after because of the countless historical and cultural monuments. The cradle of the history of this island is the capital city of Nicosia, which is definitely worth to visit. If you enjoy the bustling nightlife,  love music and entertainment you are definitely going to the right place 🙂

Tombs of the Kings are a UNESCO world heritage site and their age is estimated to 4th century BC. Stone catacombs, or rather artificial caves created by human hands, often with carved columns and frescoes on the walls. There were saved the bodies of wealthy burghers. Since the graves were all robbed in the past, no material monument you can see there Oddly, although the royal tombs are called, in fact, there was never buried anyof  kings. Instead of kings are buried wealthy aristocrats and officials. Some tombs are very nicely maintained and the whole place is interesting also because it is located right by the sea. Tickets cost just € 2.50 so if you are in Paphos near this place, make sure to stop here.



Cyprus the island of cats

Cyprus also called Aphrodite island. Greek goddess of beauty and love once emerged there from the sea foam. If you visit to Cyprus now, certainly you could give the island other names as ell. Island of or  Island of wine, spicy food or Island of hot weather. Cats are truly everywhere. People in Cyprus believe that in each of them is a reincarnation of the soul of man. Therefore, they do not kill cats. When the locals have many kittens, they simply take them to infront of some hotel or restaurant. The reason is simply, because around restaurant is always enough food. So it might happen to you as well, while you want to enjoy your food on the beach there will be couple of cats around your legs begging for food.


Cyprus has another characteristic feature, Wine making in Cyprus since ancient times. Local varieties are very delight, thanks to plenty of sun there is no need to be added neither sugar nor water.

I also wanted to try Spanish Sangria while I was in Cyprus 🙂 I got a really nice wine instead


Cool down at Troodos Cyprus

If you want to cool down hit to Troodos, there is an average of about ten degrees cooler than at the beach. The Troodos mountain range that occupies the central portion of the island and its highest peak us Olympus. The  mountain peak can reaches the height of 1952 meters. In some places the mountain meets the coast, but most are in the interior. The best way to get to Trodos is simply to rent a car.


While you are around, do not miss Kaledonian waterfall. The waterfall is the river near Limassol Potamos Kryos. Definitely worth to see. From the parking place the easy hiking takes about 30 minute to get to Kaledonian waterfalls. Very nice and cool place.


Baths of Aphrodite This bath is located on the north to the island, 45 km from Paphos and near Polis and Latsi. Both places are tourist centers, although much smaller than Paphos, but here you will find nice beaches and restaurants and a marina. Again according to legend, Aprodite used to bathed there. Another myth says that when the women will take a bath there she will stay forever young and beautiful. The problem is that in a small pond is not allowed to bath, only here you can refresh your hands and face 🙂 But around the spring it is nice to be transformed into a botanical garden, where the number of trees that will protect you from extreme heat.

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