Discover the pearl of Jadran – Albania

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Explore Albania

Albania, the country of beautiful mountains, beaches, and history

Albania is a country of mountains, deep valleys that intersect. There are a number of beautiful wild rivers and canyons created by these rivers. Amazing experience the morning view of the mountains view of the mountains Çermenikë. Albania has long been a forgotten corner of Europe. Today it rediscovers tourists searching for adventure, but the country also offers comfort to those who want a beach holiday. It is an ideal destination for lovers of history and also for those who like to get acquainted with the local people.

Beaches and beautiful mountains

Albanian Riviera offers a number of demonstration beaches, some of them even said to be the most beautiful on the Adriatic coast. Of course, it depends on taste, but their beauty is impressed everyone.

One such is for example beach Palast

If you like privacy, wild untouched beach, crystal clear water and you not mind pepples, there you are in the right place.

palasa beach

Beach Ksami  you will find near Saranda town and not far away from Greec this nice beach in Albania. Is ideal is to rent a boat and explore these turquoise waters and small islands.

ksamil beach albania ksamil beach albania

Cities that are worth to visit

The biggest attraction is certainly Tirana,  where you will also find a huge mausoleum, which for more than $25 million had built for himself and his family Enver Hoxha. Tirane is not only beautiful, historical city, and especially colorful.Tirane is the capital of Albania. It’s basically a gateway to the Albanian mountains, which are starting there. We went to Albania with car, and I can tell you driving in Tirane is really funny, on the highways you can easily meet some cows or somebody on bike. But I have to say, we really liked and enjoyed Tirana. Is a very nice, vibrant city, full of nice and helpful albanian people. We felt there very safety, there you can find lots of policemen on the road, who’s are also very friendly and helpful. Tirane is city for young people, lots of cafes, bars, cocktail bars (which I loved) and also lots of restaurants. Some of these restaurants are like “fast food”. This means kebab (minced meat kebab as shaped bars), pleskavica, sausage … Everything on the grill and to Arabic bread and salads. All fresh and delicious. We also find there fast food similar to KFC, but this one was running under AFC – Albania Fried Chicken.

Where in Albania?

tirana albania tirana albania tirana albania tirana albania tirana albania tirana albania

Saranda (Alb. Sarande)is a gateway of southern Albania, a town with around 35,000 inhabitants decomposing in the beautiful bay horseshoe shape between the mountains and the Ionian Sea. Since lies opposite the island of Corfu (ferry connection), Corfu is very popular one day trip destination from Sarande. The most beautiful part of Sarande is the promenade along the sea, with rocky beaches. There are many hotels, such enhancements as well as under construction, which are financed mainly from the resources of compatriots living abroad, especially Italy.Center of the square is the fountain, beside which “costs” remains of the old synagogue, the foundations of which ranged even up to the sea. . Saranda as a holiday destination and the main starting point for a trip to Butrint, Blue Eye or Gjirokastra.

sarande albania sarande albania

Where to go around Saranda

Blue Eye (alb. Syri I Kalter) – is an extraordinary underground springs strongly  saturated (center) and sharp blue (the edges) color. It lies 18 km northeast of Saranda and according to legend, this delectable spot lined by centuries-old oak trees, 12 heads dragon jealously guarded and concealed spring against villagers. Consequently, there have been performed pagan rituals sacrificing the beautiful young virgins gods groundwater. Interesting 🙂 but for sure worth to visit, the nature is trully breathtaking.
blue eye albania

Butrint Theater

Butrint – is probably the most important archaeological site of Albania, registered in UNESCO World Heritage Site. Butrint was an ancient city in the Greek, Roman, early Christian and Byzantine period. In the Middle Ages, the city was abandoned, probably because of the surrounding marsh and the subsequent outbreak of malaria. Despite the fact that it was one of the most ancient cities in the Mediterranean Butrint  remains largely unknown. It is now uncovered impressive Greek amphitheater, a Byzantine basilica (the second largest in the world after the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul), Roman temple with mosaic floors, beautifully decorated with the Lion Gate and a number of buildings from different periods. So far uncovered about 15%, the rest of the city lies underground. Ancient temples and other ruins of Phoenicia – in the village Finis. According to Edwin Jacques bar it was situated one of the biggest acropolis ancient world, about 7 times larger than the Athens Acropolis.

butrint albania butrint albania butrint albania butrint albania

Gjirokastra(Gjirokaster) – ‘city of a thousand steps’ comprises hundreds of Ottoman tower houses with typical roofs covered with a light slate, wooden balconies and whitewashed stone walls. A city with a turbulent history, dominated by a large fortress built on a steep hillside. Gjirokastra the stone city is becoming very popular and is  a center of cultural tourism of Albania. Its old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as a rare example of a well-preserved Ottoman town.

gjirikastra albania gjirokastra albania gjirikastra albania gjirokastra albania
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