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What to wear in Dubai? Here are some tips, how to avoid any inconvenience

The primary religion in Dubai is Islam. Dubai visitors are advised to follow certain Islamic norms during their stay, in order to avoid any misunderstandings. Dubai has also its tradition in the way of clothing. Locals wear white, ankle-length robe, called kandura. Women dress in black ankle-long dress abaya. Stricter habits determine for women wearing burka as a face mask. Visitors should also not wear too revealing clothes or transparent. Women can wear classic clothing that should not be shorter than knee-deep. Dubai also has strict laws regarding the consumption of alcohol in public but permission needs of the population and in some cases’ alcohol consumption at home. The social behavior is also restricted. In public it is banned in Dubai to dance, to express publicly any affection either holding hands or kissing. Men should not shake women hands in public which also applies vice versa. Islam determines a holy day Friday, which is called the day “Jummah”. Most of the population of the city has the day off.

dubai dress code

Summer clothing is suitable for visitors all year round. However, in winter I recommend that you bring warm sweater for a bit cooler nights. UAE is an Islamic state, from the visitors is expected to go out in public with more conservative clothes.

Dubai “beach” dresscode

Beachwear and swimsuits on the beaches are accepted. Nudism and topless sunbathing is prohibited (even in hotel pool!) In the hotel is recommended to have a formal casual dress (gentlemen long trousers and shirt, ladies longer skirt and blouse). Swimsuit at the beach should always be conservative. The classic two-piece swimsuits are allowed in Dubai. In a bathing suit, you can move but only in designated areas, that is, on the beach or at the hotel’s beach.


Dubai women clothing – Abaya

The basis of women’s clothing or Dubai outfit is called Abaya. It is a black cloak, which cover everything from the neck to the ground. Baseline is without any patterns, but sometimes you can see a very sophisticated version abaya with silver and gold embroidery. They say it is pretty convenient because there is no need to solve the everyday question of women, what should I wear today? 🙂 It is quite hard to have your own photographic material on women’s clothes because it is forbidden and is absolute taboo taking pictures of foreign women in public. There was a time in the past, when they considered the prohibition of mobile phones with cameras because of it. Under the abaya the women wear everything, mostly comfortable things like leggings, T-shirts and flat shoes. Mostly walking running sneakers, silver ballet flats or heels as well.


The rules of a foreign country must be respected. Otherwise, you can be deported from the country and end up in prison. In addition to clothing mainly pay attention to you behavior with you partner in public. Tolerate the kissing or hugging, all belong only to privacy. It is not good to walk in the street with exposed shoulders and knees, for example. Wearing a tank top, miniskirt, it is not appropriate, rather blouse. In the hotel it’s not so strict. Emirates nudity is strictly forbidden and can be deported. Habits, however, are different in each emirates. Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Um Al Quwain and Funereal are more openmindended to tourists. Dubai is one about the most liberal. In the neighboring emirate of Shariah is all the opposite, there are very conservative habits. There is a large even banned alcohol and smoking.

dubai mall policy

Throughout the Emirates and Dubai in particular, should be taken with plenty of opportunity to observe the prescribed types of clothes, so. dress code: When you visit the office, you should follow too formal business attire – a suit, respectively. Jeans and shirt, respectively. Shirt. All with long sleeves. Shoes always closed. Always long trousers. In case your are appropriately dressed, you may not let you in. In public as in the street or on purchases must be mainly trousers and skirts sufficient length by no means a short skirt. Especially when draped shoulders and knees. Likewise, should not be part of the body exposed transparent clothing or may not be visible offensive descriptions or pictures on clothing.


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