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Here are some great, funny, educative and interesting facts about Ecuador

Ecuador has many active and inactive volcanoes. Chimborazo is inactive volcano and the highest point in Ecuador. Because of its location in Ecuador known as the nearest point on the Earth to the sun.

The official currency in Ecuador since 2001 the US dollar, which was adopted after the Ecuador suffered a major financial crisis and the inability to repay their foreign loans. The currency used until 2001 was called Ecuadorian Sucre.

Ecuador was colonized by the Spanish  in 1563. Independence was awarded for the first time in 1822 when they defeated the Spanish royal army, and from Gran Colombia in 1830. This makes it one of the few countries that celebrate two days of independence. August 10 is the largest Ecuadorian holiday, Independence Day.

It was the first country in the world which in 2008 declared a natural constitutional rights.

Thanks to the unique nature known Galagapos became part of Ecuador until 1832. They are located 950 km west of the Ecuadorian coast and Charles Darwin inspired the creation of the theory of evolution.

The largest industry in Ecuador are petroleum, food, textile and fisheries.

Spanish is the official language of the country but many residents use local dialects.

95 percent of Ecuador’s population is Roman Catholic vieroviznania, the remaining 5 percent is made up of members of various other religions.

Sangay – National Park Ecuador

Sangay Park can be found in the province of Morona Santiago, Chimborazo and Tungurahua. It gives an insight into a number of ecosystems – from tropical rainforests to mountain peaks, covering eternal snow and ice. Due to the isolation of the park you can see a lot of domestic animal species, eg. tapir and the Andean condor. From 1983 it belongs to World Heritage.


Ecuador is divided into 24 province and each has its own capital city. The largest city is Guayaquil, and the second largest city is Quito which is also capital city of Ecuador

The climate in the country is diverse because of the height difference. Low-lying areas are hot and humid, while the highlands are cooler and dry.

Ecuador is fact is the smallest South American country, an area of 272 045 km². The country passes the equator, hence the name of Ecuador, which means in Spanish ‘equator’ (from the Latin word ÆQUATOR). Ecuador is located near Colombia in the north side , east and south Peru, bordering the west by the Pacific Ocean.

Chimborazo volcano is the highest mountain in Ecuador – 6310 m. Montenegro is still covered with snow and glaciers. Climbing to the top is possible only with an experienced guide. It requires overcoming a very good winter and climbing equipment. The foot of the mountains and the surrounding nature reserve can inspect for example riding.

Coffee Arabica best species are grown in Ecuador since 1952. Ecuador Arabica coffee with its the high quality, balanced and fresh taste with an excellent distinctive aroma. Ecuador is one of the few South American countries, cultivating Arabica and Robusta. Best of Arabica coffee comes from the slopes. If you are a coffee fan, this might be interesting fact for you 🙂


The colonial city of Santa Ana de los Ríos de Cuenca is located in the interior of Ecuador and was founded in 1557 and now belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. On the banks of the Río Tomebamba spread out red and white houses with narrow cobbled streets, archaeological findings show that the first settlement here was already in the 5th century. Not far from the village of Baños de Cuenca with hot mineral springs, the hottest spring has up to about 70 ° C.

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