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Facts about Galapagos Island

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Did you know the following intresting facts about Galapagos Island?

The Galapagos Islands has authorized a 13 larger and smaller 6 107 rock standing volcanic archipelago. The islands are located 965 km west from Ecuador. Galapagos consists of 19 volcanic islands, which in the 16th century Spanish pirate named “de Islas Galapagos”, or “Turtle Islands”

The ages of the islands are different. In the westernmost parts are roughly 700,000 years old, while the oldest parts of eastern most likely 4 million years old.

Galapagos Islands lies at the intersection of three tectonic zones (Pacific, Cocos and Nazca) causing frequent volcanic activity.

The unique climate makes the 5 different ocean streams  (the equatorial Cromwell, Humboldt, Panama and Peru)

At the time of discovery of the Galapagos islands was not inhabited at all. In the 17th and 18th centuries, pirates and different sailors used the island only  to replenish water.

On the Galapagos Islands Darwin found the perfect conditions to formulate his theory of evolution “On the Origin of Species”

Galapagos island is the home of the  largest terrestrial turtle in the world – Galapagos giant tortoise.


The Galapagos Islands are home also  to marine iguana. It is the only lizard, who in adulthood only looking for food in the sea.

Galapagos National Park since 2007 is on the list of endangered World Heritage threat to the park are new species, to which are original and unique animals can not defend themselves. Common mosquito, or cat could wreak unspeakable damage. In order to preserve the beautiful island it is only allowed 60-70 thousand tourist visit a year.

You will find more than six hundred kinds of plants, of which more than 30% growth only in the Galapagos.

In Galapagos Island live centipede, which grows up to a length of 30 cm and feed on the smaller reptiles and rodents.

There’s also a special kind of cormorant which grown to heights, that it can no longer flies.

Absolutely unique fauna and flora of the Galapagos Islands ranks among the natural wonders of modern world.

The biggest impression of the animal world of the Galapagos Island found Darwin the mentioned and most famous huge turtles, which he had the opportunity to observe in the wild.

Since human arrived to Galapagos, many animal species extinct unfortunately. The number of giant tortoises also decreased significantly: in the 16th century there were more than 250 thousand copies lived on the islands, but nowadays only 10-15 thousand left.

The islands are unique for their flora since 1934 and a national park since 1964, the park operates Charles Darwin Research Station, which is specializes in ecology and evolution.


In 2006 died the oldiest and biggest tortoise named Herriet, at the age of 175.

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