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Facts about Japan

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Interesting facts about Japan you might never heard before

Japan is made up of more than 6800 islands.

The unemployment rate in Japan is among the lowest in the world, in long term. The country has long-term unemployment by level of four percent.

Japan’s economy is the third largest in the world. Ahead of Japan in  only United States and China.

Japanese love coffee. The country imports up to 85 percent of coffee production of Jamaica.

Japan hardly knew immigration. The country is in this respect very closed. Up to 98 percent of Japan’s population are ethnic Japanese. The country is already preventing immigration for decades. And this despite the fact that immigration is a proven recipe for a stagnant population and economy.

On Tokyo, Shibuya crossing is the most frequent in the world. The best view of it is from the Starbucks across the street. Try to sit there and watch the people below you a few minutes. You feel that you are the very overactive anthill.


In Japan, people experience every year about 1,500 earthquakes. However, only a fraction of them will experience firsthand. The country is located on a tectonic fault, so earthquakes are a common part of life almost from time immemorial. Japan, however, for such natural disasters is very well prepared – but it can not prevent all damages.

The average life expectancy of Japanese is one of the longest in the world. The Japanese live on average four years longer than Americans. And on average, seven more than the Germans.

Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo is the largest fish market in the world.

The term “karaoke” comes from Japanese and means “empty orchestra”.

When it comes to Japanese households, watch out for the raised floor. This means that you must take off your shoes.

In Japanese company is more than normal that before starting work, employees work out a bit. It is like a morning ritual, but very effective one. Common morning exercise in the Japanese companies proved successful and sometimes they also require it from employees also from abroad.

One of the most favorite Japanese food is raw horse meat.

Trains in Japan are not delaying more than 18 sec


Japan can boast with the second lowest suicide rates in the world.

Nobel Prize boasts a total of 18 Japanese.

The cartoon series and films in Japan are a great thing. Japanese create up to 60 percent of the world’s cartoons and movies.

The country has around 130 schools that specialize in vocal exercises that prepare graduates for careers voice actor in anise movies.

Up to 23 % of the Japanese population is older than 65 years. Japanese population that is among the oldest in the world.

The Japanese royal family is the longest-ruling royal family in the world.

If you find yourself in Japan with a cold, try to avoid blowing your nose into a tissue to the public. The Japanese consider it very rude.

Japan is a country of vending machines. In this way, you can buy even beer.


The only foreign language that the Japanese can learn at their schools is English.

In Japanese restaurant before they bring your the food they will first serve you a damp towel.

Japan’s pacifist constitution is strong. It comes with an article that rejects war and any forms of violence.

The Japanese haiku poems are the lowest in the world. Consist only of the three lines.

Yuichiro Miura is the oldest man who stood on top of Mount Everest. First summit of the mountain in 70-TKE. The second output graduated at age 75 years.

In Japan, they build snowmen only with two balls, not three like everywhere else.

Japanese melons grown in the shape of cubes for better storage

In Japan, there are more pets than children

Tokyo is one of the most expensive city in the world. After Moscow, New York, Sydney and Zurich, Tokyo can be as pricey as the other cities mentioned before. But despite of this fact, Tokyo is still worth to visit, such an amazing place


In Japan you can sleep while you are at work as it is the symbol that you work hard and you work exhausts.

During breaks, teachers and pupils together are cleaning School hallways

In Japan, the black cat considered a symbol of good luck.

National sport is famous for martial arts SUMO, in recent years, gaining popularity especially baseball

If the restaurant are loud sip homemade soup or noodles, it means that their food very tasty and cook loud lap taken as a compliment

Famous Japanese drink sake is made from fermented rice.

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