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Food In Thailand

Best food selection in Thajiand

If you have been  already in Thailand you know that overthere nobody can be hungry never. In Thailand, there are so many opportunities, where to eat for quite reasonable prices and the advantage is (at least in Bangkok) that you can indulge in these treats anytime. Does not matter if during night, or early morning,  the fresh food is still there almost in every corner. Are you thirsty or just want a fresh fruit? Just take a walk a few blocks. Some dishes you can taste over and over again, because they are so good, they can cause some kind of addiction 🙂 Eating in Thailand is like beeing in heaven. Asian cuisine is unlike any other in the world. Here are some great tips, what you can taste in Thailand, Bangkok while you are in the city.

Satay PORK

Pork Satay is a popular delicacy from the streets of Bangkok. For about one to two euros you can have pork (or chicken) meat on a stick, dipped in peanut sauce amazing. If you order the Pork Satay example a restaurant, you get to with an rice or potatoes. This delicacy has become my favorite food in Asia and in the last days I ate only pork satay that I remember his taste 😀. Meat on a stick is popular in Thailand, and in addition Sataya here you can also make a variety of sausages or meatballs.

satay pork

Pad Thai

Tasty Pad Thai is a typical Thai food and there are many ways it can be prepared. In principle, Pad Thai is made from vegetables, peanuts, lime and various kinds of meat. Pad Thai, you can order pork or beef, but the most typical is the shrimp. Pad Thai restaurant around the world, but from my experience, non of them taste so good as Pad Thai directly from Thailand.

Pad thai

Soup with coconut milk

Soup of coconut milk is known by the name of Tom Kha Kai and consists from lime leaves, chicken, onions, mushrooms, coconut milk and other vegetables. Price may vary on the basis of where you place it, but it should not cost more than € 4. The coconut soup is healthy and it did not bother me eat even in the hot weather, when the soup is served very very hot and slightly to the stings. There are many ways to prepare it and can sometimes be more white, but the taste should always be the same.

soup with coconut milk

Sea monsters and scorpions

In Thailand, you will not suffer for lack of a variety of creatures, especially from the sea. Sea creatures can be  found on almost every market and they are enormous enough. If you get bored with shrimps, take a scorpion. Scorpios are not typical Thai food, but the tourists love to enjoy them on the famous Khao San Road, where you can taste a cockroach, grasshopper or mentioned scorpions. Again, I was not enough brave so guys if you ever tried some let me know you experience.

scorpions bangkok

Flavorful fruits and coconuts

Yummy! I love fruite, so while visiting Thajland it was a real experience. You can have fresh oranges, bananas, strawberries and especially MANGO! Lots of Mango. Mango is everywhere and it is ridiculously cheap. It sold on typical gavel and costs about 1 euro. There is also a coconut that you can drink straight from the nut. The weather is Thailand is very hot, so dont forget to hydrate your body, and eating yummi fresh fruit is never a bad idea.

thailand fruits


I was so suppriesed, when I saw juices or coffe in the bag, which are almost everywhere in Thailand. These drinks do not cost a lot and are very refreshing. And also looks very funny 🙂

juice in bag


Durian is extremely stinking king of   fruits that you can taste in Asia everywhere. Hovewer you can not take it to the hotel room, public transport or even on a plane. The stench is unbelievable, but is taste very good. So do not worry . The taste, however, can not be compared to anything I have ever eaten, but in any case it is sweet. Durian has the consistency of butter and certainly worth trying. Thailand has a rich culture that is reflected in his food. Head to Thailand and taste everything what you see  🙂

durian bangkok
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