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Holidays in Malta

Holidays in Malta

The archipelago of Malta with its total area of 315 square kilometers is only a speck in the southern Mediterranean. It acts as a stepping stone between Europe and Africa, but its significance far exceeds its size. Malta has been home to some of the oldest stone buildings in the world and famous Knights of Malta. Malta is a great holiday summer destination. Fantastic Mediterranean climate, considerable amounts of sunshine even during the winter months and clear, warm sea are just some of the many things Malta has to offer. There are plenty of accommodation in Malta and especially in the resorts on the northeast coast, most of which are reasonably priced. In recent years the government tried to get the upper class tourists construction of four- and five-star hotels. Great climate, narrow streets , English Telephone booths, driving a car on the left side, beautiful beaches, dramatic coastal scenery a multitude of water sports and leisure activities makes Malta an ideal holiday package. The island, located in the heart of the Mediterranean climate is known for sun – has up to 330 sunny days a year. Visitors will be enchanted by beautiful sandy and rocky beaches, crystal clear sea and beautiful, almost untouched nature. Only few island can boast with such a rich history – in Malta it goes back to 7000 years ago. The most significant step is called the period of temples. In addition to temples, palaces and fortresses on this small island located to 3 unique historical monuments in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Malta beach


Mellieha situated about 15 km from the capital city of Valletta is placed on a hill, overlooking the ‘tail’ of Malta. Mellieha is one of the most picturesque tourist destinations on the island. The center boasts its beautiful hotels, restaurants and traditional cute shops. This area is a great place to discover the island of Malta. As it is situated in the north of Malta, easily spend a day on two other islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino. While on the other hand, to the south, you can visit St Julians and Sliema for nightlife and entertainment. North of Malta is also ideal due to the proximity of a large sandy beach. Other beaches are Golden Sands Beach, Ghajn Tuffieha and Gnejna which are all beautiful and you can spend them on all day. Most of the beaches also offer facilities such as public toilets and a beach bar.

Mellieha bay Malta


This part of Malta, 15 km away from the capital city of Valletta, is very quite, is far away from  the city noise and discos. The resort with a  beautiful sandy beach and with spectacular views of the islands of Gozo and Comino. Preferred, particularly for older couples or who is looking for tranquility. But there is of course  possibility of diving, taking a boat trips, or rent a car or motorbike.


The oldest building in the world

Maltese nature can be described as a mixture of  Italians, English people and Arabs. It is a legacy of history. In Malta “milled” all important cultures. Sicily is one hundred kilometers away, two hundred km away is African coast. The island was influenced by the Phoenicians over Carthage, Rome to Napoleon, later  became a British colony. He acquired from the British statelet this independence in 1964 and ten years later became a republic.  The Maltese claim that the remains of the megalithic temples are the oldest buildings in the world. Tourists can admire them and dozens of other things across Malta from  the catacombs to the Hypogeum. The churches are free of charge. Hypogeum Malta
In 1902 local workmen during digging discovered a new building accidentally the only onw  prehistoric underground temple in the world. Even after a hundred years, this discovery is not less astonishing. Hypogeum underground temples is a UNESCO World heritage list and you can visit it, the admission fee to Hypegeum is  20 €. Alternatively, you can visit the prehistoric temples of Hagar Qim and Mnajdra which entry fees are cheaper.


Popeye Village

If you are in Malta, do not miss the famouse film village of Popeye. The  Anchor Bay was built by a Hollywood producer, when in 1978 they  started shooting the film version of the famous fairy tale about the spinach lover Popeye. On the film version was staring Robin Williams, who was few years later awarded for an Oscar. “The wood for houses was imported from the Netherlands, and the Tiles on the roofs were imported from Vancouver Canada …After shooting Popeye in the bay on the northwest coast of Malta and Maltese filmmakers they went to the backdrops made attractions. To Popeye Village is worth going especially during the week on Sunday buses do not travel over there. If someone chooses a Sunday must go on foot from the nearest station at Mellieha about two and a half kilometers between fields cultivated owner. Everywhere you will see only rocks, no shadow, so be carefull, were some hat, and take a bottle of water with you.

Popeye village
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