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Hollidays in Bali

Best reasons why you should visit amazing Bali, the island of gods

Bali is a beautiful island in Indonesia, also called the island of gods and demons. It offers you beautiful scenery, beautiful beaches, rich culture and welcoming people. Place ideal for adventurers. Still hesitating? Read my 6 reasons why you should visit Bali.

  1. You will become a millionaire in a minute 🙂

For Just a few euros you change in currency exchange you will get a thousands of rupiahs. As I said, in a minute you will be a Rupiah millionaire.  Amazing feeling, until you realize that the cheapest bottle of mineral water costs 6000  Rupiah. Freaky. I remember million lasted for me only two days 🙂

  1. Unique Culture

Although Bali is one of many Indonesian islands (there are over 17,000), their culture is completely different than the “neighbour’s”. There’s most Hindus, whose culture, way of life and traditions are responsible for that in Bali you will be able to admire the most beautiful traditional clothing of those women during national dance. You will watch them with an open mounth. Bali is also famous for nature innumerable temples and rich history. Temples in Bali are maintained at a very high level, accessible to everyone. The temples are located in almost every part of the island and are very photogenic. The most famous temple in Bali is called. “Mother Temple of Besakih.” To enter the temples, you should wear clothes on, traditional sarong, a garment that resembles a skirt. You can have your own, or get it for free from most of churches, but you can also buy a nice colourful pieces from local vendors outside. Another way how to discover the beauty around is to visit the so-called “Monkey Forest” in Ubud, which is also a popular place visited by Paris Hilton and see wild monkeys in the wild. Beware of personal items! They can be sometimes aggressive and steal your glasses 🙂

bali temple
  1. Beautiful nature

Holidays in Bali is a real holiday. If you leave the busy Denpassar a particular area of Kuta, you will find yourself in unspoilt countryside surrounded by green rice fields, coconut trees and bananas. Dramatically looking volcanoes, coastal cliffs, green rice fields, mysterious temples, sandy beaches. This is just a small list of what all know this beautiful island has to offer. In Bali there are several nature reserves and the amount of rain forests full of wildlife and macaques – the local monkeys, which can also be fed. High humidity and a position just below the equator are creating something like a greenhouse and vegetation are really rampant.

rice fields bali
  1. People

People in Bali are really friendly, nice, and very welcoming. Most of them wants nothing from you – just to talk a bit and therefore during the holiday you will need many time answer the question ” What is your name? and ” Where are you from? ” Bali is a predominantly Hindu country and the truth is that Hindus believe in karma and so believe that good deed will be rewarded with good, etc. and they really try to live according to this rules. They are very kind and devoted. There is lots to learn from them and apply it in everyday life.

  1. Food

Who would not want 10-course menu for a few “pennies”? Price does not matter whether you eat in a restaurant or you try street food it tastes both excellent. The basis of the Balinese cuisine is rice and noodles (mia), either fried or cooked. They serve it with vegetables, chicken or beef, and sometimes with mixed egg. These dishes are traditional, and you can often see how the locals feasting on them in the street. Nasi goreng – fried rice (MIA) or noodles (MIA) with pieces of meat or vegetables. Very national dish – for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

sattay bali luwak coffee bali

Gado-gado – pieces of meat in a sauce of peanuts.

Babi Guling – or a pig on a spit, the food that is prepared during major religious celebrations.

  1. Beautiful beach and underwater world in Bali

Underwater world in Bali is indeed rich and what we previously knew only from television screens or in travel books, you can all this beauty see live directly below the sea level in Bali. Incredible underwater world in Bali hides many colourful fish, sea turtles, beautiful coral reefs and restless plankton that glows in the dark. Certainly the biggest attraction especially for children, is the fish Nemo. Professionally known as Clown Fish Nemo or The Tango Dancer is probably the first fish, which can be seen as you dive in Bali.

bali beaches bali beaches
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