Natianal Parks in Sri Lanka

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TOP Sri Lanka Natianal Parks

The best and most visited National Parks in Sri Lanka

All National Parks are charged, non of them is for free. The entrance admission to National Parks in Sri Lanka are not really only symbolic. Also, it is necessary to pay for the rental car and guide as well. You cannot go inside alone with your rented car. The best time to visit any of the safari is early morning in the dry season, when the animals are going to be around the water tanks.

Yala National Park

Yala is one of the major tourist attraction, as regards the national parks of Sri Lanka. It lies on the southeast coast and the total area of the park is more than 126,000 hectares. If you are lucky, you will see elephants, leopards, deer, Wild Boars, Mongoose, crocodiles, buffaloes, monkeys. There are more than 150 species of birds living here. The most suitable time to visit is from February to June.

Admission: 3,000 rupees per person + 5000 rupees rental jeep

yala national park

Bundala National Park

Bundala National Park is nearby Yala NP, on the southeast coast, east of Hambantota. It is a wetland reserve with an area of 62 km2, where is the home up to 150 species of birds they are wintering here between April and August arriving from India and also from Siberia – there were sighted up to 2,000 pink flamingos. Furthermore, Bundala National Park is a home a few dozen elephants, civet cats and crocodiles. Bundala National Park is the only park wher e you can also watch two crocodile species occurring in Sri Lanka – Mugger crocodile and the crocodile living in salt water. A large number of crocodiles living in salt water can be seen in lagoons and at the mouth of Kirinda Oya. While freshwater crocodiles are usually found rather in small ponds and in the upper reaches of the river Oya Kirinda.

bandula national park

Minneriya National Park

Has the same name as the water tank situated in the cultural triangle, an area of 8900 hectares. Admission to the park is the road connecting Habarane and Polonnaruvu. A population of 150 elephants, and some birds. The most suitable time to visit is during the dry season from June to September, when the elephants are located around the water tank.


Uda Walawe National Park

If you go to Sri Lanka in the winter and you want to see elephants in their natural habitat, the National Park Uda Walawe alternative to Minneriya park. Uda Walawe National Park covers the southern part of the country on an area of 31,000 hectares around Uda Walawe reservoir and from all Sri Lankan park its herds of elephants (up to 500), wild buffalo, sambar and leopards best competes steppe reserves in Africa. The park is renowned for elephants, which are found in large herds and graze on local pastures. Other animals living in the park are Sambar Deer, wild buffalo, macaque, jackals, civets, Mongoose, foxes, lizards, crocodiles, leopards, around 30 species of snakes, different birds etc.


Sinharaja Forest Reserve

Forest Reserve Sinharaja  is spread in the south area of over 19,000 hectares. It is the last great unspoiled rain forest area in Sri Lanka, and belong to UNESCO Heritage list. Most of the time during year there is raining or drizzling at least a year here falls around 3000-6000 mm of rainfall and even in the dry season are around 50 mm rainfall. The highest peak forest Hinipitigala measures 1171 m. Through the park flowing couple of rivers. The trees can reach 45 meters. Many species of plants, animals, reptiles and birds that live here are endemic species in Sri Lanka. Tour booking is only possible with a guide who will be assigned at the entrance to the reservation. The Best time to visit the reserve is the dry season, that is. January to April and August and September.

sin national park

Wilpattu National Park

Wilpattu – a large park located in the jungle, cover only of (1085 m2) area. Part of the park is stuffed with paths and trails, dense forests alternate with views of the lake full of lotuses, the little pool, and clearing. Guide always stop in places where there are some animal. In all of the national parks you will have enough time to spot the animals, enjoy the view and take some pictures. Wilpattu National Park is a home to small birds with amazing colors, large predators, herds of deer, peacocks, iguanas, monkey, elephants, crocodiles and many others.

willpatu national park
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