One day trip from Balaton

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What to do in Pannonhalma in one day

If you are around Balaton, do not forget to visit the famous town Pannonhalma

Pannonhalma Archabbey on the holy mountain

Benedictine monastery began to write their history more than a thousand years ago. The first mention of the construction dates back to 996. Has a  unique significant position and also offer a perfect panoramatic view. When you come to visit this monument, you can park your car near the information center. Next to it is a restaurant with panorama views of the surrounding area. Lunch in it is also a stunning visual experience. After that take a short walk up the hill directly to the monastery. Along the way, still go through the arboretum, where there are several dozens of interesting plants.

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The majestic Basilica and breathtaking library

The Benedictine Archabbey you can go see every day 9:00 to 17:00. Admission is 2,500 HUF. After paying admission you get an audio guide and can choose from several languages. In front of you, you have not only the whole town but also the beautiful surroundings. The first building in which you enter, is the cathedral. In it are the remains of former residents. The entrance gate is richly decorated and then takes you through into other rooms. Go through the courtyard, you will see several images and finally you get to the library. The most beautiful room of the monastery hidden respectable collection of rare specimens with the extraordinary historical value.

pannonhalma library

Excellent Schools

Like in the past, nowadays there is located in the monastery one great gymnasium school. However, as the management holding indigenous traditions, only for boys is allowed to studying there and only boys whose results achieved excellent high standard at school. The school wants to maintain an excellent reputation and ensured a consistent education students. Children in that school have a very strict regime. They get up early in the morning and they get to bed until late in the evening. Apart from teaching are devoted to reinforcing relations in the community.Im not sure I want to study there 🙂


Walk around the Pannonhalma monastery

You can also easily walk around the monastery, and you will find yourself in one tiny forest, where is located a Boldog Mor kilato (tower). Go to the top, and enjoy again the panorama view from there.

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Wine tasting and Levander farm in Pannonhalma

Part of the monastery are two other important places around. The first is the vineyards, where you can not only enter the complex but also taste the wine. Seven wines for tasting along with an explanation will cost you 3900 HUF.


Below the monastery is located Lavender Farm. The view from this place to the mountain along with the landmark building is breathtaking. When saturated the beauty around you, you can buy everything you want. And you can believe that from lavender they produced lots of things. In addition to traditional cosmetics is that the spirit, soothing tea and chocolate. All products are organic with high quality and produced purely by hand, so they do not lose authenticity. There is regularly held every year and large lavender festivities. The Monasterial Herb Garden is planted with the most important herbs of the Benedictine healing tradition. Most of there herbs are native in the Carpathina basin and can be harvested in the wild as well. The production of these parcels is processed at small herb manufactures. You can find there Levander, Thyme, Balm, Peppermint and many other herbs.

During our stay we bought a great levander tee, and tasted and excellent refreshing levander lemonade. If the weather is nice and hot, nothing is better and refreshing. Highly  recommend.

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