One day trip from Tokyo -Kamakura

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Kamakura is a great destination for those who do not have time to go to Nikko or Kyoto. In Kamakura you have a little feeling of “real Japan”. It is an area to the south of Tokyo, about 1 hour by train and perfect for a day trip. Kamakura is particularly interesting for its Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines and the famous Great Buddha (Daibutsu).

Routine tourist route is to choose from the station to the shrine Tsurugaoka Hachinamgu, the largest shrine in Kamakura and the Japanese are very important (now do not remember exactly why). If you are lucky and happens to be a lucky day according to the Japanese calendar, so you can see the traditional Japanese Shinto wedding. Until you get to the sanctuary, you go across the aisle full of souvenir shops, restaurants and shops with Japanese sweets. Without stopping takes a sanctuary for about 10-15 minutes, but certainly is worth to stop, and try some snacks (they have a lot of tastings everywhere) After window shoping, most tourists choosing to go to Big Buddha, the statue is really huge and impressive.  Is it close enough to walk, but it takes quite a long time, it is better to be attached to the bus.

Kamakura Kamakura Kamakura Kamakura tree japan

Kamakura Buddha stature at Todaji temple

The statue is 14 meters high, has a circumference of 33 meters and weighs 92 tons. The face is 3 meters wide and eyeballs were gold. The sculpture is assembled from cast bronze plates (the proportion of copper is over 98%), which are mutually welded. The interior of the statue is accessible and is located in a small shrine there.  The statue was built in 1252 in the temple of Kotoku. Originally found in a wooden Buddha temple, for one, suggests interior proportions statues. In 1369 the building was damaged by the typhoon, followed then by an earthquake in 1494 collapsed and was never rebuilt. Therefore statue stands in open space.

Kamakura Buddha

Clean your hands before enteringthe temple Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu (Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu 鶴 岡 八 幡 宮). Before entering the temple, you should wash the hands and mouth as well. Well I just washed my hands and it was enough 🙂  Actually you can dring the water as well, it is clean.

Kamakura Kamakura

If you’ve had enough of watching sites, so you can choose a romantic walking by the sea. From the Great Buddha statue it takes about 20 minutes by walk to the fact that the way you can freshen up again in some street snacks. Kamakura is a famous summer destination of the locals, they like to swimm there and enjoying their vacation. Throughout the year there are a  lot of surfers as well. It is quite nice to sit after a day walking the beach, grab something and just watch the sea. Trully amazing daz in Kamakura

Kamakura Japan Kamakura 20150829_163741

If you want to see something different than just these major tourist spots, so we recommend to speak on Kitakamakure and walk to and from the station Kamakura. On both sides there are several temples and shrines that are less known, but the same way perhaps even more beautiful and interesting

How to get to Kamakura?

From Tokyo to Kamakura is the best to take a train. For example you can use a JR Shinjuku Line (red) , the journey takes about 1 hours, and costs aroun 8 EUR. For more info visit here


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