One day trip from Tokyo – Kyoto

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Kyoto weekend guide

Kyoto from Tokyo is located about two hours by Shinkansen. It would be good to reserve your ticket it at least three days before. If you want to really enjoy Kyoto, I suggest to visit this amazing place at least for 2-3 days. You really will not be bored at all. True, if you are interested in Japanese culture, temples, shrines, gardens and original architecture. In Japan, it does not matter which way you go everywhere you will find some nice place to see. Japan the land of the rising sun always you encounter something that will force you to stop and enjoy the moment.

Kyoto tradition above all

A typical Japanese beauty and tradition on the island of Honshu, Japan, Kinki region you can all discover in Kyoto, which long ago boasted imperial residence status and of course the beautiful ladies in Japanese kimono.

Kyoto is mostly famous because of the historical buildings. However, there is still something that is also unique – its parks, gardens, ponds and forests.

Bamboo forest Arashiyama

Just a few minutes away by train from the center of town it is another great place. Photographers from around the world are unknowingly encountered every day, in order to capture the uniqueness and beauty of the scenery. When I walk through a bamboo forest arashiyama I felt like I was on another planet. Tall and slender green stem of this plant act quite boldly. As if the work was not of nature but the result of work of many skilled architects who conceive them here on purpose. As input was a  completely different world. If you are in Kyoto, certainly I recommend not to miss this magical place. Try to get there as soon as possible in the morning. Because then they come here crowds of tourists and it’s hard to take a picture without people 🙂 You can combine a visit with a visit Arashiyama Tenryu-ji temple. Tenryu-ji is a Zen Buddhist temple inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It’s only a few meters from Arashiyama bamboo forest.

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Kinkaku-ji or Golden Pavilion also located in the northern part of the city. And this place is adored by tourists, so get ready for the crowds of tourists. It is best to get here early in the morning just after opening at 9:00am. Temple Kinkakuji succumbed to fire in 1950. In 1955 it was reconstructed in its current form. Catch a reflection of the Golden Pavilion in water in the adjacent pond and get some memorable photos

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How to get there: You can take the train from the main station Kyoto. A good option is to holders of JP Rail Pass. Off at Saga Arashiyama. Or you can go Hankyu Kyoto Line segment in Katsura. Change for line Hankyu Arashiyama Line towards Arashyiama.

Ginkakuji Temple, Honen-in Temple, Kurodani, Nanzeji Temple, Yasaka Pagoda

There are many nice temples in Kyoto,  one of my favoriet one is  Yasaka Shrine. This shrine is surrounded by a thick circle of trees, and planted right in central Toride. The buildings are beautiful, and the majesty of the location is simply stunning

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Monkey park Kyoto

If you want to see monkeys in Kyoto you need to walk about 20 minutes to the top where you get a very nice view of Kyoto. The monkeys themselves are just walking around not really bothered by humans. You can also go into a caged area where you can buy cheap bags of bananas, apples and nuts to feed monkeys who are on the outside of the cage. I recommend buying the bananas as they seemed to prefer them over the apples. Quite a fun attraction for a few hours on a sunny day. In our case it was a bit raining but never mind, it was still stunning experience.

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