What to do in Singapore in 2 days

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Singapore guide

Singapore is a city state at the very southern end of the Malay Peninsula. Has no land borders with Indonesia by the Singapore Strait divides, from Malaysia Straits Strait, which overcomes the bridge connecting the two countries. The main island shaped like a diamond is approximately 49 km from west to east and 25 km from north to south. National territory consists next to the main, the largest island together from 63 smaller islands and islets.
The country lies almost directly on the equator and the climate is tropical and humid all year round with plenty of rainfall. Despite this, the country has practically no underground water resources, drinking water comes from rainfall and is collected in lakes and dams, for the most part is also imported from Malaysia. Lion city has (partially deserved) reputation as a place that is clean, abundant, efficient … and due to the strict and sometimes absurd prohibitions also somewhat boring and staid. Here are some tips, what to do in Singapore if you are there for short time.

Marina Bay

Center for Modern Singapore consists mainly of Marina Bay, surrounded by icons of modern architecture. Many of the buildings seemed to have been taken from science fiction novels, whether it is an exhibition hall of the Esplanade by the Bays roof reminiscent of an insect eye, hotel Marina Bay Sands like a huge ship perched on three pillars, or ultramodern installation of metal trees at Gardens by the Bay.

me singapore marina bay singapore marina bay sand

Gardens by the Bay 

Directly behind the hotel are wonderful gardens Gardens by the Bay. Here again, you feel like in another century, or even in a different world, everything is here colored, highlighted and full of flowers. The most worthwhile to go here in the evening, all beautifully light attractions and also held here evening shows every day at 19:45 and 20:45. The garden includes more than 500,000 species of plants and two refrigerated greenhouses – Flower Dome and the Cloud Forrest. The first of these, see the baobabs, succulents, flowers and olive trees from five continents – Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania. The greenhouse Cloud Forrest will see beautiful orchids, carnivorous plants, and also the highest waterfall in the world inside. In addition, the gardens held various dance and musical performances, and after a tiring walk you can stop for a delicious dinner at one of the restaurants or buy trinkets in the market with homemade specialties. Trully amazing experience

gardensgardens singapore night show

The enter the garden, you need to go  through the shopping center Marina Bay when with elevator to the floor you will see them couple of  arrows which will navigate you  to the terrace and directly through the hotel you find yourself in front of the gardens. In addition to gardens near the Marina Bay it is also ArtScience Museum with a modern white building in the shape of a flower. After a nice walk cross the bridge Helix Bridge from where the beautiful views of the Marina  again and get it to the other side of the coast to the shopping center Marina Square, where the evening is also very nice and busy –  nice restaurants and also a small market with an attractive Asian cuisine.helix bridge

Botanical Garden

Famous Singapore Botanic Gardens were founded in. 1853 and represent an oasis of greenery and calm in the city center. Originally the gardens were used primarily as a testing ground for crop yields, which were in Singapore and British Malaya grow, such as natural rubber, imported from South America.Besides herbal, manicured gardens and ponds there is a preserved area of original forest, which in the past covered the whole island. Part of the botanical gardens and the famous orchidarium with more than 60,000 plants are grown here and Nepenthe. Botanical gardens are a meeting place for locals come here to play sports and hosts cultural events. Since 2015, Singapore Botanic Gardens, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Opening Hours in Singapore Botanic Gardens are betwen 5-12am daily, for more info visit here

orchid garden singapore

Sentosa island

Approximately five hundred meters from the southern coast of Singapore is a very popular resort island of Sentosa. This island  is actually such a big park of culture and entertainment and there are also beautiful beaches for swimming. Originally a British military stronghold, after exit times of the British territory and returned to Singapore hands. Underwater World Sentosa offers fun for everyone – there are beautiful beaches, amusement park for children, a huge sea aquarium and other attractions that visitors can have fun for a long time. The Singapore government is constantly working on improving the level of the center of entertainment and relaxation.

There are several options how to get there – by taxi, ferry, bus and cable car. A tour of the entire island can be made the island a bus or monorail and the price is included in the entry fee. Among the attractions of the island itself then it includes the Museum of Images of Singapore and his waxwork depicting the history of Singapore and especially Underwater World. It really is such a small world below the surface, where in the giant aquarium tunnel you can observe marine animals. For more info about Sentosa visit here

silios beach sentosa sentosa beach sentosa beach viewcable car sentosa singapore

 Singapore Merlion This is a kind of a national symbol that has the head of a lion and the body of the fish. The body symbolizes Singapore’s origins as a fishing village and head lion again refers to the original name of this country, which means “lion city”. Smaller Merlion statue, 8.6 meters high can be seen again at the mouth of Singapore River, Merlion Park, opposite the Bay of Marina Bay. It was built here in 1972 to welcome Singapore visitors

merlion singapore sentosa merlion


The busiest part of the town is definitely  Chinatown. Streets with arcades decorated with red lanterns emit inexhaustible energy of its industrious citizens. In dozens of shops that get dried seahorses, ginseng, deer horns Himalayan and other miracle drugs of traditional Chinese medicine. Many houses in in the past were small family restaurants, shops, their owners demolished and built, although new, but in the old style. Today, however, the more expensive and luxurious copies. Walk through its narrow streets, literally soaked smells of spices that are added to foods and offer passers-by, but probably will enchant everyone. Chinese culture in Singapore perhaps is well noted. In addition to many Taoist and Buddhist temples, you will find also a Chinese garden Yu Hwa Yuan with pagodas and bonsais.

china town singapore china town pagoda
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