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Summer in BalatonHungary

Great places to visit around Balaton

Lake Balaton is 77 km long and 200 km coastline consists of a long stretch. This makes it the largest lake in the middle of Europe. At the same time that offers a very diverse activity, so you can choose which part of the lake you want to swim and adjust  at the same time the programs around. There are in fact  a number of wellness hotels, water parks, monuments, attractions, excellent restaurants and wine bars. In the summer the water temperature is around 26 degrees. When the weather is nice, you can enjoy your holiday there from mid-May till mid-October Some part of the coast is shallow and suitable for swimming with small children. The water in Balaton is among the cleanest in Europe, so you can swim there without fear.

balaton lake

Balaton Swimming, boating, relaxing

Balaton is during summer really busy. Hungarians are famous for excellent gastronomy (so if you are around Balaton lake, dont be afraid to try halaszle or fish soup). Besides swimming you can enjoy from boating, water skiing, sailing on a sailboat, but also fishing. Part of the coast is designed as a promenade, which are located in the bigger cities like Siofok, Balatonfured. You can relax in beautiful park at pleasant weather and enjoy theatmosphere and the beautiful sunset or chill out in any of  cafes or restaurants. The best places to enjoy the night life is Balatonfured or Siofok as I mentioned before. Lots of festivals are there during summer mainly. Around Balaton there are many thermal springs as well. You can then go to the spa for various treatments and rest of the industry. Nontraditional experience is ballooning, which offer, for example, in Hévíz.

balatonfured hungary balaton

Heviz (Hévíz)

Around Lake Balaton there are many beautiful towns with a distinctive atmosphere. Heviz while it is not directly at the coast, but you get to it within ten minutes by car. This is a spa town near a thermal lake open year round. In Heviz they treat various health problems from the loco motor system, inflammatory diseases, skin problems till other complications. 3 hours entry fee costs around 7 EUR.  Be careful, the water is deep there, from 2 meter at the beginning till 38 m deep in the middle. So better you can swimm good, or if not you can rent there a swimming wheel. But if you are there certainly do not miss the swimming around lotus flowers, what is an amazing experience especially for the romantic souls. The water is during summer season 34 degree but it never drops down below 26 degree during winter season. Highly recommended. 🙂

heviz thermal spa termal spa heviz heviz

Tihany Abbey and lavender fields 

Tihany is a lovely town, it is also called a little Hungarian Provence. Festivals are organized regularly associated with aromatic plants and the outside one can visit the small farm and buy a variety of lavender products. You can buy in Tihany many souvenirs from Levander soap, tee, lemonade, Levander chocolate, jam, brandy till Levander beer everything. All these Levander products have a great impact on you body. The Levander calm the mind, help to reduce stress and help influence the good night sleep. Do not miss a visit to the traditional restaurants in the evening and then take a walk along Lake Balaton at sunset. You will have received an amazing day that as soon forget. When it is still not enough, you can visit Levander museum. In Lavender House you can learn everything about the history of this region and why they are associated with that flower. You can find there detailed information about cultivation and many other interesting facts. Lavender House is in the region extremely popular in the past and won the award for best attraction dedicated to agriculture. This museum is located in addition to a very nice place by the water, giving him a really charming atmosphere. However, Tihany is not only about Leander, but also about Tihany abbey. The biggest attraction is the abbey, which is located on a small hill in the town. A monastery dates back to 10th century and offers stunning views of the surroundings.

tihany levander tihany
tihany tihany hungary tihany abbey


For families with children and young people is an ideal destination. There you will find a lots of entertainment throughout the day and even at night there is the constant. The city never sleeps during summer and almost every weekend are organized there some festival.

Siofok water tower Is not a big attraction, but a great meeting point, if you are lost in the city 🙂 everybody know where is the  44 meter high water towers. If you are there you can go upstairs with panoramic lift, and have a nice view from there. Otherwise, Siofok is full of young people, there is a nice long promenade, with lots of bars, restaurants, cafes, shops. There is a nice beach as well, where you can relax and take a swim. If you are in Siofok, you can go from there by boat to Tihany directly . The local tourism offers to visitors many boat tours and programs. It is not so important to book in advance your accommodation, there are plenty of free apartments, zimmer frei available. Most often encounter accommodation in private apartments. Those in recent years have grown like mushrooms after rain. At first glance they look like the local houses.

siofok hungary siofok hungary

Tapolca cave

Fans of nontraditional attractions in Tapolca could come into their own. Lake was discovered in the early 20th century. After digging a year they found this underground unique which is over time developed into Hungarian best and top attractions. You can visit this place under the guidance of experienced guides who will provide a memorable experience and also boating on the cave which is almost 300 meters in deep is a great experience. The cave was discovered in drilling wells in 1902 and its doors opened to the public in 1912. Of the total length of almost 4 km is open to the public 2 5 km region. Cave Lake is a combination of rare geological, genetic, hydro logical and biological values and therefore since 1982 declared a special protected national monument Bear in mind, the estimated waiting time to enter Tapolca cave is around 1 hour. We were waiting for such a long time, I wish I knew  before, that there is an option to buy a ticket online. If you are interested in, the following link might be useful for you jegymester

tapolca cave, tapolca barlang tapolca cave tapolcatapolca cave entrancetapolca

Szigliget castle (Szigliveti vár)

Szigliget Castle is one of the most famous and most visited Hungarian caste. Located on the shores of Lake Balaton, about 16 km east of Keszthely. Castle was built like Pannonhalma Benedictine Abbey in 1262, and later became a royal property. In the past the Castle used to protect the Hungarian border with the Ottoman Empire, which has experienced many Turkish raids, but none of them was successful. Today the castle is open to visitors and the admission here 1700F.(around 5 EUR) The view after sunset is simply amazing, and very romantic.

szigliget castle szigliget castle szigliget castle

Cycling around Balaton

You will be very pleasantly surprised by the quality of bicycle paths around the lake. Cycle route around Balaton measures about 200 km and runs along side roads or routes intended solely for cyclists. The terrain is varied, it is suitable for everybody as well as families with children . The route will lead you through the beautiful countryside of vineyards, newly built resorts, thermal spas and castles. Bike rentals are everywhere around big cities like Siofok or Balatonfured atc.

cycling around balatoncycling around balaton
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