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What to do in amazing Tokyo in 3 days

To really enjoy Tokyo I would recommend to stay at least 3-4 days. Tokyo is really huge city, there’s a lot to see and try to do. Moreover, traveling around the city also takes some time, despite the fact that Tokyo has built great transportation system and underground trains go really everywhere tourist wants to go. In Tokyo, you should not miss  the following incredible places:


It is a large city with many shops, restaurants, bars, karaoke bars. Truly amazing place. Everywhere full of luminous and colorful ads, tourism, lots of people and unrelenting cries vendors or ad panel. There is also the Shinjuku Gyoen park, which is quite nice and big park with a Japanese garden. In addition, there is also a district of skyscrapers, where on the top floors are interesting restaurants with brilliant views. For those who do not want to pay for such a view of the evening it is open until late at night Government Building, where it can be exported on the top floor and admire Tokyo from all sides. It’s a great view! Especially at night!

shinyuku20150828_132805 20150828_13343620150828_140939


This is a city of electronics and everything that goes with it. It is a paradise for men, boys and everybody who loves electronics. In addition, over the past few years, Akihabara has become a center of manga fans and so-called. “Otaku” culture. It is best here to go on Sunday when here come the girls dressed in different characters from Japanese comics to please fans of these comics.


City of young people with many shops especially for them. It is a very lively part of the city, also with shops, restaurants, bars. On Shibuya is located the most frequently used crossroad in the world. The best view of it is from the Starbucks across the street. Try to sit there and watch the people below you a few minutes. You wont believe, we were staring on the thousands of people crossing by, wau never see this before, only in Japan. In addition, Shibuya is also known for building huge screens at the station, they run ads, videos, or messages.

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Ginza is something like Champs Elysee in Paris or 5th Avenue in New York. The most famous brands of fashion that have their businesses and thrive incredibly well. On Sunday afternoon, the street will be closed to traffic and it becomes like a pedestrian zone. In addition, there is yet the largest Apple store, there is also the Sony Building with various distractions for playful people, Toyota show window. Our favorite part of the district of skyscrapers almost at Nihonbashi station, where one can see the modern part of Tokyo. In addition, you can up with the glassed elevator in the building Dents to the 36 floor. Before Dents building is also interesting steam fountain from which to mate only every hour.


If you’ve ever heard about strange dressed girls from Tokyo, or want to know where it once left Gwen Stefani inspired, so try to stand near JR Harajuku station and you will see why is it so famous district. Or, maybe you will see what you have never seen before. Furthermore, in Harajuku JR station and the entrance to the famous Meiji Xingu, that is the largest Shinto shrine in Tokyo and one of the most important in Japan. Definitely worth to go there.


Imperial Palace

It is a classic, as in every other city the palace of rulers, as well as in Tokyo to have. As the Emperor still lives here, you can only see part of the garden and palace from the outside. You can fit inside a special permit inspection as a group a few days in advance.

20150830_165122 imperial-palace-tokyo


Probably the most famous fish market in the world and reportedly also the largest. It is especially renowned for tuna auctions that are reaching incredible dimensions. We especially love the Tsukiji sushi that can be found everywhere. We recommend to go where there will be many Japanese, it’s a sign that it is good there. Yes, really quick and it can be good and bad and are the difference, even at Tsukiji.


Tokyo Tower

It is a true copy of the Eiffel Tower with the fact that the Tokyo version is higher. Japanese be seen as a symbol of Tokyo. Can one come to the observatory and enjoy the view of Tokyo.

tokyo-towerjapan tokyo-tower
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