Top things to do in Bali

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Hollidays in Bali (1)

Here are some great tips what you should do in Bali while you are there in holiday

A former sleepy fishing village on the beach of Kuta received in 1970 the status of the best place for surfing on the island. Since then, they have ranked among the top destinations in Bali. The southern part of the beach is usually crowded during the day and night. Short walk to the north end of the beach but offers visitors a peaceful night of loneliness. If you like shopping in stores world-famous brand and love the party you should visit Kuta. A lot of young Australians go on vacation just to Kuta without having looked anywhere else. There is everything a kind of tourist needs – a wide selection of restaurants, countless pubs and bars, cheap massages with happy end on every corner and hotels where the whole day playing at the pools DJs. If you still want an understanding of the area, you can use a variety of organized tours.66 Beach in the corner, surfing paradise on Bali. For those of you who want to experience while on holiday a bit of adrenaline in the blood, is an excellent solution surfing in the waves of the ocean. For these water fun are perfect the sandy beach in Kuta, especially known for “66”.

SEMINYAK It located on the southwest coast of Bali and is a small town that was part of Kuta. Seminyak is one of the most visited destination in Bali. From its boutiques and five star restaurants to luxury hotels and spas, the town still attracts travelers from all over the world. Although surfing is the most treacherous swimmers Seminyak Beach offers visitors a panorama view of the Indian Ocean and excellent condition for lovers of surfing.SEMINYAKKuta beach kuta beach balikuta beach, bali


Tanah Lot is one of the most famous Hindu temples in Bali. It located on a large rock. It is part of Balinese mythology for centuries. The temple is one of seven temples at sea which are spaced in sight and form a chain along the southwestern coast of the island of Bali. Tanah Lot is one of the most popular places that people visit every year. Therefore, it becomes completely overcrowded, what I do not like personally, but anyway this place especially in the late afternoon and before sunset is truelly amazing. The area between the parking and the beach adjacent to the temple is a maze of shops selling virtually every Balinese baubles. After the visitors fought his way vendors of souvenirs on the beach, will see the magnificent temple on the rock, just a few meters from the coast. Tanah Lot temple, Bali unforgettable sunset in Bali will experience in the marine Tanah Lot temple built on a rock protruding by the sea. On the coast you can walk through Green Park, and buy some souvenirs as well if you want. There are excellent conditions for golf lovers and extensive grounds with fantastic views.

tanah lot
tanah lot
tanah lot

Sitting between the terraces of rice fields that climb the foothills of the central mountains, Ubud is considered the cultural heart of the island. Ubud is home to the most important island of museums, including Neka Art Museum with its extensive collection of paintings of the island. Every day there is held a dance and musical performances throughout the city, as well as numerous art galleries and craft shops are opening their doors to explore. Although the Ubud long acclaimed as a great place to learn about Balinese culture, tourism Ubud seen an exponential boom after it was shown in the book and movie Eat Pray and Love starring with Julia Roberts. Fortunately, just a little walk or ride on a bike is enough to escape from the crowds and commercialism. Ubud is surrounded by slightly wetting rice fields, which make up a nice impression of greenery.

ubud bali ubud bali ubud bali
ubud bali


Ubud is one of the world’s most popular monkey forest in the world as it is located in Ubud between Hindu temples built around 1350. Bali it is popular with tourists thanks to a great number of temples that are worth a visit and one of them is a monkey forest. Monkey Forest monthly visits to 10 thousand tourists, which is a pretty decent number. On an area of almost ten hectares is a real jungle with lots of temples, exotic trees and plants, rocks and network of paved and unpaved trails. Walkways allow visitors to visit almost all the parts of this exotic-looking area, including hollows between rocks toward the small waterfalls and lush stream. Monkey Forest is an example of the wonderful and unbridled beauty that symbolizes the whole of nature in Bali.

monkey forestKINTAMANI volcano BALI

For local Kintamani volcano has a very spiritual importance and is an associate at the spiritual level. They believe the volcano is a symbol of rebirth, because it can all just a few minutes with hot lava destroy and remove old ones. Ash, however, helps plants grow again, and thanks to Kintamani are much stronger than they were before. Kintamani Volcano is really a majestic volcanic ash there is a true gift from Buddha. Thanks to this ash is highly nutritious ground and fertilized in a natural way, which is why this particular vegetation and farming flourished. In some parts of the world (which also applies to Bali), the land was not fertile enough and unable to feed the local population, but the volcano and its ash is keeping life that can always be destroyed by a single explosion.The volcano, you can come to see, but you have to pay a fee for entry to the National Park by car. If you have an adventurous spirit, you can pay climb the volcano in the early morning, from which the apex then you watch the sunrise.We did not do it, but there is an option of course.During our stay it was raining all the time, so the view was not so perfect at all 🙂



Indonesia has very good conditions for growing rice, where high humidity and precipitation, especially during the summer months create ideal conditions for rice that grows in water. I was wondering how the water in the paddy fields and keeps why not soak into the ground, but local explained to me the fact that there is a foil which prevents water overflowing. Most rice fields called Tegalalang there are about ten minutes drive from Ubud and scenery here are truly amazing. Bali is well thrive and cocoa and coffee, especially around Kintamani volcano, which as I mentioned his ashes delivered to the earth beneficial nutrients that make the vegetation in the area is booming. Coffee plantations there are several and you have a few bucks, you can let them convert a local expert commentary on how coffee is processed, roasted and exported.

Luwak coffee, which one of us knows called Civet coffee. Coffee beans that pass through the digestive tract of the animal first name of Paradoxurus called Bali Luwak.Luwak – our hot tip for a unique souvenir from a vacation in Bali. When strolling through Bali “Island of the Gods”, stop and enjoy the pleasure of the most exclusive, most exotic, and most expensive, according to many experts, the finest coffee in the world.

rice fields bali rice fields bali rice fields bali bali rice fieldscoffee plantation caffee luwak bali


Would you like to bathe in the waterfall? Or rather swim with the dolphins? In the north of the island near the town of Lovina you can enjoy a trip by a local boat for the famous bottlenose dolphins or swim with them in the hotel pool. Near Lovina are Banjar Hot Springs and assemblies rock pools full of clear water from the hot springs. In this area there are also several waterfalls. One of the largest and most impressive in Bali Git Git-high of about 40 meters, surrounded by tropical vegetation. Another is a bit smaller Sing Sing, is ideal to visit in a cooler day.



Balinese dance is an important form of offerings to the gods and the souls of ancestors, which requires absolute precision. Dancers spend years practicing precisely assembled movements of all body parts from the eyes to the toes. Makeup, silk clothes, and every graceful movement is important. Individual dances are divided into three groups: dance wali, which is danced only in the most sacred parts of the temples, which are tourist inaccessible, dance bebali for young women and girls who are dancing in colorful costumes at various ceremonies and dances balih-balihan designed to entertain .

bali dance traditional bali dance traditional bali dance


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