Top places to visit in Sri Lanka

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Top things to see and do  in Sri Lanka


archaeological site is located 85 km from Colombo. It consists of several caves that have great historical significance. Archaeological excavations have revealed the skeletal remains of the Balangoda nation, stone tools and carefully trimmed fragments of jewelry of shells and ostrich shells. Archaeologists were able to prove that the close connection and cooperation of African and Indian cultures.



the capital is the largest city and port in Sri Lanka. The city combines traditional architecture with modern. Local Jami Ul Alfar mosque is one of the most visited tourist sites in Colombo. It is beautiful, big and red white colored. The town is dominated by a fortress from the times of the Portuguese and the Dutch domination of the 16th-18th centuries. Approximately two kilometers away is the bustling Pettah bazaar. Interesting is certainly Buddhist temples Kelani Rajamaha Viharaya, Vijiraramaya and Gota Vihare. Very nice is also the Parliament building, City Hall, Old Parliament House and others. If you are visiting Colombo, one day is enough to see and enjoy the city.

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the largest prehistoric caves of Sri Lanka lies 8 km from the city of Kitulgala. Skeletal remains were founded in the cave and are older more than 12,000 years. Further investigations revealed fossils older than 32,000 years more. To access the cave is necessary rope or rope ladder


a complex of more than 80 caves, some of which were used by monks as a meditation space. The most famous is the second cave with an area of 52 x 23 m, while its natural ceiling amounts to 7 meters. Paintings and sculptures were gradually added. The oldest come from the 12th century, the last paintings from the late 18th century. The complex is the oldest garden in Sri Lanka with a unique stand of trees Namal Uyana (iron trees). Dambulla belong to UNESCO World Heritage. In addition, the Dambulla entrance fee is for free 🙂 It used to be i think around 15 USD, but now it is for free. Be aware, that to get up to the caves you have to go up to 500 steps. It is not impossible, but bear in mind, take some water with you.

What is good, you can have as many breaks you want and enjoy the local monkey which are everywhere and always make you smile. Look at the pic aren’t they cute?

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significant business, historical and port city, situated in the south of Sri Lanka. Galle is one of the largest city in Sri Lanka. Foundations laid around the Portuguese in the 16th century. If you are in Galle, do not forget to visit the old town, it is a southern part of the city which is separated by high walls for the city. You can climb the walls and walk around enjoying the sea view around. The city is with its fortifications included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. In the town are beautiful sandy beaches,



a paradise for divings and lovers of underwater world because of the presence of famous coral gardens. Hikkaduwa is an ideal holiday location for families with children, old couples, young couples as well. The beach is amazing, long and shallow. On one part of the beach they are coming turtles every day afternoon. It is an amazing spot where is a must to stop 🙂



last seat of kings is now one of the Cultural Heritage. There is the most important monument of the country – a monumental building with a golden roof. In the sanctuary of the Temple of Buddha’s tooth is embedded tooth of Buddha himself. Held here 3 times a day Buddhist ceremonies. Today is Buddha tooth temple one of the most visited monuments of the country


an amazing fortified palace of King Kasyapa, the 183 m high cliff. Sigiriya is part of UNESCO Heritage as well. I was lucky enough and had a chance and time to visit Sigiriya. It is good to know that it is i think always crowded. It is a place well visited by local people. Of course the entrance fee to Sigiriya for locals is only couple of cent, for us tourist the Sigiriya entrance is 35 USD (year 2016)

But is truly a nice and unique place, and wort to 35USD for sure. I suggest to reserve at least 4-5 hours. The view for up is really cool, and the gardens are also worth to walk around. There is a nice small bar or shop, whatever, where you

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This ancient city is one of the best preserved archaeological sites in Sri Lanka. During the reign of King Vijayabahu it was the capital of the Chola kingdom. At the time of the greatest glory it has produced extensive gardens, palaces, artificial reservoir Parakrama Samudraya and many other unique buildings, which until today remain in good condition. The most famous is complex Buddha statues – Gal Vihara. Statues of the size of 7-14 m are carved into the granite. He has been preserved as well as Royal Palace, Temple Lankatilaka, and other Thuparama

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