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Travel money saving tips

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20 tips how to save monez

20 travel tip how to save Money

  1. Travel off season

Travelling during high season can be little pricey. Everybody is travelling during summer holiday, Xmas. So if you are flexible, try to avoid the high season. If you are also looking daily for great cheap flight tickets, this link might be helpful for you hokuflights

  1. Earn money while you travelearn money

There are plenty options to get extra Money while you are travelling. You can rent your flat on airbnb. This is only example, but might work out for you.I think, this  is one of the best way. I m sure your friends or family can help you to welcome the guests, give them the keys, instructions. Imagine, your living cost abroad can be much lower, than the price you get for your flat for weekend. It means, you are not only saving but even earnig plus. Isn´t is fantastic? Sure not everybody is confortable with renting their own flat, there are other options as well. YOu can teach English, Spanish whatever language you speak. Or just try to find some season job, part time job abroad in hostels, atc..

 3. Get in touch with locals

One of the best way while you travelling is simply getting in touch with the locals, almost everywhere. On station, hotel, hostel, bars, restaurants, ask for direction, ask for any help. Speak with the locals, they can give you a plenty of tips where to go, what to see, where to stay, what and where to eat. It can save you lots of money, because everybody knows tourist places are more expensive that the local ones.

4. Bargain and again bargain


I know not everybody likes to bargain. But imagine it as a game. For the locals in Malaysia, Turkey, Indonesia, Thailand it is. They like it. Don’t be scared and afraid, just try. If the price, is too high to you, just go away. They will run to get you back, and will ask again what is your price. Just say at least 50-60% less. You will see. Most of the time, you can get it for half price or even less. With this method I saved more than 300 EUR within 3 weeks. You can bargain everything: souvenirs, clothes on the market, trips, tours, really everything.

5. Cautschsurfing

There are plenty friendly hosts everywhere in the world, who are more than welcome to welcome you in their houses, apartments. They can offer you a night bed in their living room. And it is for free what is good, because you can save even more money. Remember every saving is counting. The good reason to get in touch with the locals, and do also cautchsurfing is not only that is free, but the experience is amazing. You are really in, you feel like one of them, not like a tourist who are only visiting tourist attraction where are going everybody. The locals can get you even to better places, you can experience it with their eyes, and it can be a memorable unique experience which will never ends.

Very good link you can visit while you are travelling is Lots of upcoming events are there. Just search for your destination, and choose topic you are interested in.

6. Budget airlines

budget airlines

Feel free to try one of them. They are absolutely safe. In my personal experience one of the best is Airasia. The prices are supper cheap, you can travel from Kuala Lumpur to Thailand for 10 EUR or even less. This local airlines are cheap and safe. I travelled with them couple of times. I can only recommend it. And of course you can save money with them. Example: you must not book a direct flight from London to Sydney for 900 GBP, but better buy a flight to Kuala Lumpur, to 450 GBP stay their couple of days, and then buy an extra ticket to Australia with the locals for 100 GBP or less. Why it is good? You can save at least 200 GBP plus for less Money you visited more countries, cities. Do not be afraid, just try and fly with the local ones. The best cheap local airlines are for sure :Airasia, Jetstar, Tigerair

7. Sleeping in the bus, or train during night

There are plenty of places where you can travel during night by bus or train. In the morning you will wake up in different place. Isn’t is just nice? Plus you can save one night cost in hotel, hostel. Of course it depends on you, if you  like sleeping in the bus, train, not all of them are comfortable for sure. I do not say that, only that it can be an option how to save.

 8. Eating, drinking outsidefood

In Asia the street food is really cheap and amazing tasty. Feel free to visit any local places. The strategy I follow for a years now (and is still successful) is: eat there, where are many people sitting or waiting for a free place to sit down. It means, this place is famous, and most probably the food is tasty and fresh as well. Drinking abroad is also very important topic while you are travelling. I suggest to drink only bottle water while you travelling in Asia, Africa, Middle East atc. The tap water is not good and if you want to save also money and hospital expenses because you might have intestinal problem, you better buy a cheap bottle of water.

  1. Compare the prices

I mean really. Do not buy souvenirs the first day. Better you observe, go around, compare quality, price. The same strategy I use also finding the place where to drink outside. The drinks can be pricey sometimes. Better go around, take a look, read the price list and compare. You might be surprised, the bar, restaurant on the next corner can be much cheaper. Every extra penny is counted.

  1. Backpack

Pack only thing you can carry with. In my personal opinion women can carry around 10 kg, Men 15 kg plus minus. Imagine carry more heavy bag can be annoying while you are travelling, walking, looking for your accommodation. The sun is shining, you are sweating, and you tired, but still need to carry on your bag. So be careful, and take only with you what you really need.  Why I put this topic to section saving tips? Because in most local airlines you can carry 10 KG as a cabin luggage. It means you must not pay extra for big luggage. Another way to save up to 10 EUR each way.

  1. CITY MAPSmalta maps

Are for free. And everything what is for free is good. So don’t be shy, and get an extra one everywhere. Airport, travel info centres, stations, on hostel receptions Atc. They are everywhere.

    12. Travel Insurance

Very important topic. Many people don’t realize how expensive can be a rescue with helicopter, while they are skiing on place they should not. Another way how to feel better and safe as well.

  1. Passport

Your passport should be at least 6 months valid till end of your travel. So be aware check before you go traveling.

  1. Insectinsect

Even small mosquito pinch can be very annoying. So don’t forget to take a spray with you or buy at the beginning of your holiday.

  1. Local SIM cardSIM

Buy a local SIM card. Do not use a roaming. Roaming can be very expensive, up to 0,49 EUR per minute. Instead of use Viber or Skype. WiFI connection are almost everywhere in the world. In Starbucks, McDonnalds , hotels, hostels, everywhere. It is for free and you can chat, call with your friends, family member as much you wish. Imagine calling 20 minutes with your friend when minute cost you 0,49 EUR. Little pricey.

  1. Cover up

While visiting some temples in Asia or Middle East as well I recommend carrying with you in the bag always a scarf. It can be small, did not take a lot of space, and can save you extra Money. In some temples in Thailand, Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai there are plenty of temples where you have to be covered, at least your shoulders. You can avoid extra purchasing of expensive covers, scarf near the entrances.

  1. Free entrance free

There are plenty of places where you can go for free. Before you travel, make a little research. Google free places where to go in your travel destination. For example we visited the following places for free – visit Petronas tower, free art gallery Petronas, amazing Lake garden park in KL. Another free places to visit in Singapore are for example : beautiful Gardens by the Bay, Singapore botanic garden. In Thailand are also plenty of places where is free entrance – Lumpini park, you can even join the outdoor public aerobic class.

  1. Free local guides

One of the best way is sign up for free tours. You can get in touch with locals, and turists as well. And they are really for free. When you are travelling to Tokyo, Budapest, Kyoto, Madrid, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Singapore, Dubaido not forget and sign up for free city tour. Just google it before you go.

    19. Exchange rate

I suggest withdrawing money while you reached your travel destination. Be aware of the Exchange rate better change your Money only in banks. Not outside. It can be risky, and nobody wants to have any inconvenience during holidays right?

  1. Travel by local transport

Do not travel with taxi. It can be quite pricey. Almost everywhere are good transportation from airport to city centre. If you are smart, and ask for direction immediately in the airport, you can avoid extra cost and save up to 15 EUR each way.

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